This week I have run into so many people who are sniffling, coughing, froggy and just plain miserable with the summer cold. The good news is that relief is as close as your back yard and spice rack.

The hands-down best remedy for the common summer cold is …..drum roll please… creeping charlie.  Yes, the bain of every homeowner’s existence will actually cure the common cold.  Pick a few pieces, chop it up, cover with boiling water and voila…relief.  Of course, you may want to strain it and wait until it is cool enough to drink.

For sore throats, the cooking herbs of thyme and sage can’t be beat. These herbs can be used fresh (see instructions for creeping charlie) or dried from your pantry. If using dried herbs, the typical ratio is 1 tsp dried herb to 8 0z of boiling water. Steep at least 10 minutes, strain and drink.

Its that simple!

If you can’t find Creeping Charlie growing in your yard, Herbs for Autism has it in tincture form (called Ground Ivy).

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